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Which portable powerhouse should you buy2015-Apr-23

Which portable powerhouse should you buy


When most people think of video editors, they imagine someone in a dark room surrounded by lots of displays, knobs and dials. While that scenario describes a large swath of editing environments, it doesn take into account how powerful laptops have become in the last few years or how many more people edit video today compared to the past. While dedicated workstations are still the most efficient machines for video production, its now common for editors to use laptops to get work done in and out of the office.


So, what should you look for in a laptop destined for video editing? First off, you need to think about speed. The CPU, GPU, and storage all need to be fast if you want things done in a timely manner. Next, the display needs to be large and high res, and you need plenty of RAM. The more memory you can stuff into your laptop, the better off you be. Meanwhile, remember, the more your laptop weighs, the harder it is to travel with. If you plan on traveling frequently, you might want to stay away from heavy models and 17 inch displays, though they are often where the true performance lies.


Most importantly, you need Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap to consider compatibility with your work environment. Does it the laptops have the ports you need to connect to your drives and monitors? Will it run the software the rest of the video production team is using? Once you know your budget and which features are must haves, you be on the right path to pick out the best laptop for your video editing needs.


Apple MacBook Pro with Retina DisplayPrice: $1889 and up(15 inch)The 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro can make any video editor drool. With a 2880 native resolution, this laptop display allows you to edit in 1080p while the full user interface of your editing suite stays on screen. The display isn the only impressive aspect of this laptop, though the system is a powerhouse. The high end configuration ships with a 2.8GHz quad core Intel Core i7 processor, with up to 768GB of flash storage and 16GB of RAM, integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, and an Nvidia GeForce GT 650M GPU all in a thin aluminum case that weighs just 4.46 pounds. Unfortunately, all of that power comes at a cost $3450 to be exact if you max it out.


If you willing to drop down to a 2.4GHz quad core Intel Core i7 processor, 256GB of flash storage, and 8GB of RAM, you can still get many of the benefits from the top end model. Considering how spectacular this Retina display is, this $2200 configuration is very much worth the price of admission for serious video editors on smaller budgets.


Prospective MacBook Pro buyers should know that as of today the laptop has yet to be updated to Intel Haswell processors. The MacBook Air line has been updated, as has the iMac, but the MacBook Pro line is lagging. This switch should happen any day now, and it be well worth the wait.


Adobe Premiere Pro will work on both Windows and OS X, but Apple video editing products are only available for OS X. If you want to use Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor, you need a Mac. Depending on your work environment, a MacBook Pro might be your only suitable option for portable editing.


Dell XPS 15 (non touch)Price: $1599 and upIf you looking for something a little more affordable, this 15 inch Dell XPS model is no slouch. For $1900, you get a 1080p display, a 2.2GHz quad core Intel Core i7 processor, 512GB of flash storage, 16GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GT 640M GPU. It a high quality machine, but it does weigh in at 5.79 pounds. You be able to edit smoothly on the go, but your laptop bag won be very much fun to carry.


This model sports three USB 3.0 ports for speedy media transfer, but doesn have Firewire or Thunderbolt support. On the upside, it does have a built in three way card reader, so importing footage from cameras will be relatively streamlined. Both HDMI and mini DisplayPort are available, so hooking up to external displays will be a snap.


HP ZBook 17 mobile workstationPrice: $1499 and upWant a full fledged desktop replacement? Try out this ZBook 17 Mobile from HP. With a huge 17 inch 1080p display, a 2.7GHz quad core Intel Core i7 processor, a 180GB solid state drive, a 500GB 7200 RPM hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and an Nvidia Quadro K3100M GPU, this is quite a machine. Keep in mind, this is a huge laptop not suited for heavy traveling. It weighs in at 7.62 pounds, and has an enormous footprint, so don expect to be able to edit on a crowded flight.


Starting at $2000, this is an outstanding laptop for video editors, and HP doesn skip on the ports. It has three USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, a Thunderbolt port, a four way card reader, a DisplayPort, and a VGA port. It also sports a built in SD card reader and ExpressCard/54 slot, so your import and export options are numerous.


Lenovo ThinkPad W540Price: $1249 and upWith the top end configuration, the ThinkPad W540 can go head to head with just about any other laptop. Coming in at over $3000 (but starting much lower), you end up with a 15 inch 1080p display, a 3GHz quad core Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, a 256GB solid state drive, a 500GB 7200 RPM hard drive, and an Nvidia Quadro K2000M GPU. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys It does weigh 5.76 pounds, so that does hamper portability slightly. Even so, the performance is probably worth the additional weight when deadlines are right around the corner.


Unfortunately, the ThinkPad it doesn offer a lot of potential for expansion. The W530 only has two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, a Mini DisplayPort, and VGA. Both Thunderbolt and Firewire are left out completely, and it slightly disappointing to see only two SuperSpeed ports on offer. Despite the limited ports, this machine is still a fine choice for any serious video editor.


Is there a best laptop for video editing?Video editing is a demanding task so, by definition, finding thebest laptop for video editing is a challenge. The good news is that there are a lot of options available, spanning from budget breaking to downright affordable, and the bar for a minimum level acceptable system is much lower than it was just a few years ago. If you don want to do any research you can just get the MacBook Pro, but there are many other excellent options available, some of which offer better cheap nfl jerseys value for the money even if they don have that Retina display.


Now Wholesale NFL Jerseys China read: The top laptops for everyone


Tagged InFor a value price point it really hard to beat, and even when you go as high as the retina macbook, I think the asus is still better.


I don understand the market of the retina MBP. It not ideal for Imaging pros, because you need to actually see individual pixels for graphics/video work in 1:1 so 1 source pixel needs to be 1 screen pixel. The pixel density makes this impossible. And the screen is far too small for a real 2880 resolution. Unless you bury your face 2 inches away from it, it unusable.


I been doing graphic design on computers since the days when a 286 was the rage. I was the kid on the block after spending nearly $3k on a 14mhz 286 so I learned a bit about speed, needs performance.


For the sake of this thread I like to mention that of all the Laptops I worked with, Toshiba have consistently cost less, out performed and lived longer than HP Dell all others used. When you know what your primary software requirements are visit Toshiba Direct. In most cases you can customize a base system to meet or exceed your specs. I recently did this and the customized model (for live A/V recording and extensive editing and productions including broadcast quality Music Videos) cost just $600 with Quad Core 2.7Mhz, 8GB Ram, 750GB HD, Ext. HDMI 3.0 USB. It totally out performs our HP that we paid $980 for.

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German justice minister2015-Apr-23

German justice minister


German Justice Minister Heiko Maas on Thursday condemned a deadly attack on a French satirical magazine as an "attack on freedom of expression, the heart of our democracy." He also warned against equating Islam with terrorism.


"This was an attack against Islam. The vast majority of Muslims in Germany consider it a betrayal of their beliefs and they are saying so Black Leather Dugueclina 100mm loudly and publicly," Maas told a news conference in the German capital, Berlin.


Maas also warned against allowing a "war of cultures" to arise. He criticized Multicolor Printed Pony Dugueclina 100mm right wing groups in Germany for seeking to capitalize on the attack, in which Red Suede Dugueclina 100mm suspected Islamist gunmen killed 12 people in a raid on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.


Maas' remarks came after a regional leader of the right wing party Alternative for Germany (AfD), Alexander Gauland, said the Paris attack confirmed that Black Leather Equestria 160mm the purported "anti Islamization" movement

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What to wear in Berlin and Prague in January2015-Apr-23

What to wear in Berlin and Prague in January


When you get here, pop into one of the Black Suede Compacta 100mm big department stores or a clothing chain like C or Peek Cloppenburg and buy some thermal underwear. That will make all the difference especially if you plan to be Black Leather Boudubou 160mm outdoors a lot. As someone else said: layers. Warm underwear; woolen trousers and cotton shirt; a light woolen sweater; scarf, woolen cap and gloves; and a wind and waterproof anorak, coat or jacket with a good lining, water resistant shoes or boots with a tread. That will get you through our Red Suede Belle Zeppa 100mm mid winter weather.


Barcelona is cheaper than Paris. And Berlin is cheaper than Barcelona. Esp. if it comes to retail prices (big home market, low VAT compared to most other Euro countries, low local purchasing power (probably the only capital city on the planet which is poorer than the average of the country)). Thus you probably want to postpone stocking up further on Multicolor Printed Pony Compacta 100mm winter clothes till you in Berlin. Keep in mind that on Sundays the shops will stay closed in Germany.


It is also still too early to predict the weather. Berlin and Prague can come under the influence of (really cold) continental weather. Albeit I don think this will happen till mid of the month (it may not happen at all during a winter).

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What's So Lucky About Rabbits2015-Apr-23

What's So Lucky About Rabbits


I've been wondering why rabbits are considered good luck.


I practice a superstition based ritual that invokes rabbits. On the last day of the month, after I crawl into bed and say I say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit," and go to sleep. The trick is not to say anything else until I wake up in the morning and repeat the invocation (or Green Suede Belle Zeppa 100mm is it an incantation?). If I remember to say my "rabbits," I'm supposed to have good luck for the month.


It's hard for me to remember to say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" in the morning, so I put a reminder on the floor next to my bed. That way, when I wake up, I see a note that says forget your rabbits, and I'm good to go. I occasionally talk in my sleep, which makes me wonder if I'm subconsciously sabotaging myself. That could account for why I never feel particularly lucky, even after rabbit intervention.


Wishing for Black Leather Zip 140mm luck by calling on rabbits won't attract attention from the




PETA, but where were these guys when I was a child and every kid I knew was carrying a real live (or real dead) rabbit's foot for luck? I'm guessing those rabbits did not all die of natural causes.


And what about the way doctors used to tell women they were pregnant? "Congratulations," they'd say after getting the lab work back, Red Suede Belle Zeppa 100mm "the Black Suede Belle Zeppa 100mm rabbit died. You're pregnant!" Did a rabbit really die? Were the lab technicians eschewing microscopes and instead playing hound and rabbit? "OK, if the hound catches the rabbit and kills it, this one is pregnant."


So I'm rethinking this whole rabbit as a symbol of luck thing. Maybe I should hang up a horseshoe and wash my hands of rabbits altogether. To be honest, remembering causes stress, with no clear evidence of benefit. On the other hand, every little bit helps. "Why don't you have him committed?" asks his companion. He replies, "Because we need the eggs.".

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When Your Woman Cheats2015-Apr-23

When Your Woman Cheats


Although the discovery of an affair is a very traumatic experience, the good thing is that the discovery, itself, extinguishes the flame. In other words, THE DISCOVERY OF AN AFFAIR ALWAYS TAKES AWAY its ATTRACTIVENESS!! When the affair was unknown to you, your wife and the other man held it silently and secretly. Of course, the silence and secrecy is what fueled Gray Suede Vicky Botta 120mm the affair. Once the affair was discovered 90% of its enchantment was removed. Marriages begin their repair only when the secret of an affair is out in the open, and the wife does not need to hide her infidelity any longer. However, if the affair is still going on behind the husband's back, the secrecy and silence continues.


The affair itself was not infidelous in the marriage, as much as the dishonesty of it was the infidelity is not necessarily in the physical sex or in the emotional bonding, but in the dishonesty and secrecy. For instance, married swingers have an open relationship, having sex openly with Red Leather Vicky Botta 120mm other people outside of their marriage, without dishonesty and therefore without betrayal or infidelity. Infidelity lies in disloyalty and dishonesty. A secret lunch or telephone call may be considered infidelous enough to prevent true intimacy in a relationship, whereas a consenting couple swapping partners with another couple may not be if both parties know and approve.


If the affair was infidelous and veiled in secrecy it is an extremely emotionally charged event for the husband upon its discovery. Once the betrayed husband discovers the affair he may scream; yell; threaten; cry; or even tear up the family home. He will feel ashamed; self blaming; indignant; humiliated; shocked; furious; defeated; belittled; or outraged a few betrayed husbands go Gray Suede Vicky 120mm into a rage of which they never recover from, exiting the marriage, and perhaps all relationships thereafter, too. Some men may even feel suicidal or murderous. Not surprising since his whole stable world has just been ripped out from under him, and his marriage and image of his beloved wife torn asunder. His male ego may become so damaged that it may be likely he'll never recover even a fraction of his self esteem.


He will have flashbacks of experiences that he can only imagine at the most unusual moments, like hearing a song on the radio and wondering if they listened to that same song together. He will obsess over the details of the affair, hashing and rehashing. And he will have ugly mental images of his wife with another man playing over and over again in his mind. But, too, even during this emotional roller coaster most husbands will quickly hunker down and begin the effort Blue Suede Roche Mule 120mm to do whatever he has to do to salvage his marriage, and to pull his wife from the arms of another. Marriage can survive a wife's infidelity, if the infidelity is stopped, brought into the open, and dealt with on mature level.

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German journalists wait for Kaarma verdict2015-Apr-23

German journalists wait for Kaarma verdict


Video journalist Daniela Spath works with Red Suede Dugueclina 100mm DW, a public broadcasting station geared to Germans living abroad.


Spath was among those reporters who spent all afternoon waiting at the courthouse for a verdict to come in.


The journalist said many viewers have found the Kaarma trial a sad human interest story. But she said they are also finding it interesting because gun laws in Germany are so much different than Montana.


"The trial is pretty important," said Spath. "We have quite restrictive gun laws, and it's kind of strange for us, what Multicolor Printed Pony Dugueclina 100mm kind of gun laws are here."


Spath also Black Leather Dugueclina 100mm said Germany's sizable Turkish communities have found the story of interest. Diren Dede's family is Turkish German. Don attack other readers personally, and keep your language decent. Due to a technical change, all comments posted before Jan. Comments posted after Jan. 14 are not impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience. This is a community moderated forum. Black Leather Equestria 160mm (Please note the and buttons.) By posting your comments you agree to accept our terms of use.

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